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[dt_quote type=”pullquote” layout=”left” font_size=”big” animation=”fade” size=”3″]Antique CAUCASIAN rugs are sought after by collectors and are some of the most important rugs in the market.[/dt_quote]

ABRASH: Describes the variations in colour found within a single colour in an Oriental rug or carpet. There are a number of elements that may develop abrash variation in diameter of yarn fibres due to hand spun yarn in handmade Oriental rugs and the resulting means the yarn “takes” the dye; changing over to a brand-new dye batch; the quantity of lanolin present in the wool, and maturing of the rug.

This is the variegated quality in brand-new rugs that are woven with hand-spun wool and veggie dyes when the wool is coloured at different depths of the same colour. It commonly soaks up the dyes at varying degrees relying on the dying process and the wool used.

In older rugs, ABRASH is colour variation stemming from various dye batches utilized on one rug. In old or antique pieces the colours may have all been really even when brand-new but with time, mellowed at different rates or faded as the case may be.