Rug Cleaning Process

1. Pre-wash Inspection
We examine your rug for existing conditions, such as weaving features, Abrash, white knots, existing stains, used locations and prior dye bleeding. This is usually done at the time of collection, in your facilities, to discuss you and encourage appropriately.

2. Getting rid of the Dust
This is the initial step after assessment. Rugs, because of their stack, can hold up considerable amount of dust settled at the bottom of the pile, on the foundations. We shake and vacuum all the dust off from rug’s foundations to remove everything, making sure when flooded with water, dust will certainly not develop into mud adhering to foundations.

3. Flooding
Prior to washing, the dyes of your rug tested for colour-fastness. If they are not colour-fast, the rug is bathed in an option initially to set the dyes during cleaning. Then we soak the rug with cold water and use soft brushes to apply light hair shampoo gently, staying clear of difficult agitation. Depending upon the dirt, it will certainly then be soaked for a while before we start rinsing it. Fringes are washed properly for an added time in the bath.

[dt_quote type=”pullquote” layout=”right” font_size=”big” animation=”fade” size=”3″]beware the dust mite, the most dangerous animal to rugs value!![/dt_quote]4. Drying
Drying out need to be done without extreme heat as this will certainly cause shrinking to woven products. We are really mindful about the means we dry our rugs, air movers utilized to assist assist in drying without the use of high heat. We are dealing with natural fibres and all elements of cleaning procedure are determined according to this, the way rugs are dried is likewise very necessary.

5. Grooming and completing
The rug is given a last pet grooming to its pile, fringes and rolled & packed to be provided back to you.

How Much?
Rug cleaning is generally supplied at £25 per square metre for wool and £45 for silk rugs. To learn just how much your rug’s cleaning will cost, you can provide us a call or complete the form below.

[dt_quote type=”pullquote” layout=”left” font_size=”big” animation=”fade” size=”3″]Pet urine harms the foundation of your rug and should be treated as soon as possible![/dt_quote]Washing rugs is labour extensive, small rug cleaning can be managed single-handed, but rugs larger than 3 x 5 foot may need extra hand as they get really heavy when soaked. If you are thinking about dying, make sure you are doing it properly to avoid damage to your rugs. We have an excellent short article on rug cleaning with step by step directions. Do not wash your rug if you are uncertain about colour fastness, and professional aid will certainly be required if you are handling old and delicate rugs.