A carpet restoration studio using age-old inherited tradition and technique, guaranteeing the quality your carpet held ages past returns and remains.

We at Carpet Restoration Studio are a well-established team of experts specialising in the professional hand cleaning, repair and restoration of oriental rugs, carpets and tapestries. Being a family owned business, we know the struggle a family goes through to maintain their prized furniture, and Carpet Restoration Studio could be the key to maintaining your healthy household.

We pride ourselves on our unrivalled reputation and personal service tailored to each of our clients’ requirements, and we strive to make your oriental carpet look pristine and untouched.

Carpet Restoration Studio will offer advice on the cleaning, repair and care of your carpets and understand how important these cultural masterpieces are to you and your family – be it a small tribal rug or a large decorative room sized carpet – we’re here to help ensure that it stays vibrant and beautiful for many years to come, with little hassle.

We offer a free uplift, delivery and lay-down service 24/7, even offering evening and weekend appointments to suit your needs.

Please feel free to call ‘Ebi’ to discuss your requirements on 07961 885 349







With over 100 years of experience, our carpet restoration studio specialises in restoring, repairing and cleaning Oriental carpets and rugs.

The Shafagh family carpet restoration studio guarantees professional standards of care and expertise when handling your valuable items.

Carpet and Rug restoration is the core of our carpet restoration studio’s business. We offer a full cleaning, repair and re-dyeing service, with the latter using traditional techniques and vegetable dyes. A true carpet restoration studio uses traditional techniques for traditional results. We are so devoted to this ethos that where necessary, we will deliver carpets to Tehran or Turkey to be sun dried in the hills, as our forefathers did in ages long past.

Oriental Rug Cleaning

Our carpet restoration studio’s rug cleaning process is meticulous and methodical, and unparalleled leading to the deepest and most thorough cleansing possible, with respect to the rug without damaging it.


Restoration is one of the most important elements of any carpet restoration studio, as the title would suggest. We will restore your rug to its former quality standard, no matter how much coffee, dog hairs and miscellaneous dirt works its way into your pile and no matter how much your hoover tries to dismember the fringes from your prized rug.

Rug Dyes.

When re-dyeing a rug, a carpet restoration studio should aim to clean and restore the carpet’s original hues and fabrics using the same methods they were originally produced with.



Traditional Techniques.

We are a carpet restoration studio that specialises in ‘antique’ oriental rugs including European Aubusson and Savonnerie carpets. However, we are not limited to this rug specifically. Carpet Restoration Studio deals in all sorts of flatweave and pile carpet, young and old, whenever you need us.
Oriental Rug Cleaning 85%
Restoration 90%
Rug Dyes 78%
Rug & Carpet Repairs 93%
Rug & Carpet Sales 85%
Consultation and Insurance 94%


Obviously, it is of the utmost importance that you deal with trained, experienced professionals when caring for your Oriental Rug or Kilim. The cleaning and repair of such an artwork is a difficult and rare skill that is often passed down through generations. Being a family owned business, you can rest assured that our carpet restoration studio possesses both the skill and knowledge developed through generations of contact with antique carpets and the rug industry, and the hands on experience of many forefathers to guarantee our qualification to handle your rug.



Highly Acclaimed Expert.

High levels of workmanship, highly acclaimed expert knowledge and customer satisfaction. Take a look at some examples of why Carpet Restoration Studio is known for these attributes..


“International Oriental Carpets from people who know what they are looking for.”



“Carpet Restoration Studio supplies oriental carpet and rug dealers across the globe.”



“from restoration projects to completed pieces for resale, with a small selection of our stock available to the general public ”





Got a pile of questions? Got a knot in your stomach you need to ease? Is your husband so confused about the state of his rug that it might Kilim? Write to us or give us a call now, we’re always happy to provide a free consultation and help out with any questions you may ask.

Carpet Restoration Studio is our name, Repair is game, and a carpet restoration studio is what we are. We are a specialist carpet restoration studio, not merely a carpet cleaners or rug shop, so feel free to drop by our London premises, have a chat. Bring your rug if you want, I’m sure it’ll enjoy a bath! If you’re really lucky we might even show you the cleaning and repair process and we always have a pot of fresh Turkish or Persian tea on the go.
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